Our Children's Day Out is always innovating and encouraging our children to be good kids. We now have a Buddy Bench! The concept of the Buddy Bench is simple: students who want to partake in playground games and activities but may feel hesitant, sit on the bench, which signifies to other children on the playground that they may need an extra boost to participate.

For a child with no one to play with, there may be no lonelier place than the school playground. Children with an established group of friends may not think to seek out those who feel excluded. Loneliness among young children is very common. It is common for children to go off by themselves when they feel sad while what they really need is for someone to notice and be there for them. The bench gives children a safe, nonjudgmental place to retreat. Once a child is asked off the bench to come play, the hope is that they will have the confidence to go play with their new friends again the next day. Here is what parents are saying:

"Omg. I absolutely love this. Thank you so much. Y'all are the best." - Penni Abbott

"Thank you and your team for installing the Buddy Bench. It is such a great idea and addition to the CDO facilities. Our family has really been enjoying all the new additions, including the mud kitchen!" - Brooke Moore

"I LOVE this idea! Great job, AGAIN, CDO!!!"- Elizabeth Hardowin

"I LOVE this idea!! How special and thoughtful!" -Brigitte Simpson

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