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Children’s Day Out (CDO) is an extension of the total ministry of the church, serving not only the families of the church but also the entire community. We provide a stellar pre-school experience for infants through four years old. CDO is committed to promoting the following skill areas:




Focus on the curriculum is from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and a semi-structured environment are offered from 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm for flexibility. CDO now has an Outdoor Learning Center, where children learn about flowers and vegetables. They threw the seeds, watched it grow, harvest the flowers and vegetables and even set up a farmer's market. Click here for more information and for photos of our Outdoor Learning Center.


The outdoor learning classroom was built so that the children could have a variety of hands-on experiences. It now has a mud kitchen! The mud kitchen gives children the opportunity to make mud pies, play with dirt and just have fun while improving their cognitive function and engaging in sensory play. It allows children to play at their own developmental level while learning social, math and science skills. The whole outdoors project encourages creative thinking as well. April also explains that the children are able to use their imagination and sensory benefits as well as their fine motor skills. Click here for details on the mud kitchen.


Another addition to CDO is the Buddy Bench. The concept of the Buddy Bench is simple: students who want to partake in playground games and activities but may feel hesitant, sit on the bench, which signifies to other children on the playground that they may need an extra boost to participate. Parents love it!  "Thank you and your team for installing the Buddy Bench. It is such a great idea and addition to the CDO facilities. Our family has really been enjoying all the new additions, including the mud kitchen!" - Brooke Moore. Click here for details on the buddy bench.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, year-round.


The course  on the floor at CDO is based off of a program that is called Don't Walk in the Hallway. It gets the children's mind and bodies a chance to refocus. Gives them a more positive outlook instead of going down a regular hallway. There are several sections that do different obstacles. We try to change it sporadically. Click on the image above to watch the video.

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"My husband and I wanted to let you know that the group of teachers you have in Infants 2 are the sweetest, warmest group of ladies!!  They explained everything so openly and easy to follow, they truly love working with children and it shows. I am so happy with the Infants 2 Teachers.  I have been visiting my son at lunch time for the first two months; yes, I am a first time mom. So I have seen these teachers in action and let me tell you: they are so good!  Those babies are happy, they are talking to them and playing. They make sure the children are comfortable, the room is spotless and I sure appreciate all they hard work they do for my Luke." - Silvia R. 

"We were very apprehensive about letting anyone take care of our daughter but we couldn’t be happier with CDO!  It is so wonderful and comforting to have teachers that love her and are excited to see her every day!  She is so excited to go to school every morning.  I can tell that CDO has contributed positively to her development too.  Ellie really looks forward to going to church to see her friends and teachers.  We will be here as long as we can!" - Sarah R.

"We have been so grateful to the teachers at CDO for the love and support they’ve given to our son. They have given us the gift of reassurance that we need so that we can do our jobs knowing that Augie is in good hands. We are frequently happily surprised to receive emailed photos and updates, which always brighten even the most stressful day at work. We are amazed at how well his teachers know our son—his personality, his interests, his quirks, his strengths, his weaknesses—and how hard they work to bring out the best in him and to make him feel cared for and supported. Some of the teachers seem almost like members of our family. When he moves up to a different class, I think we will miss them almost as much as Augie will." - Jen Wallach & Mike Wise

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