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2020 Fall Funding Campaign


The ministries of FUMC-Denton would not be possible without the generous support of its members and friends. Our purpose here is to supplement the information distributed in printed form here at the church and through the various mail pieces during September. What we are asking our congregation to do is to financially support the 2020 Operating Budget of $2,294,960 which represents a modest increase of 3.4% over the 2019 Budget.

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How Was the Budget Request Determined?


In July, each ministry area was asked to review their budget. If any area was requesting an increase, they were asked to present that increase and the justification for it to our Administrative Board on August 5, 2019. The areas asking for an increase in the order from the largest to the smallest were as follows:


  • Music and Worship--Restore funding from the budget that was previously charged to discretionary funds to avoid them being depleted. This includes full funding for the Mosaic Worship Leader, Mosaic Music Director and three musicians; organist for the Traditional Worship Services. $32,906.

  • Youth Ministry--Additional funding to take the assistant youth director position to full-time. $24,294.

  • Lay Benefits--Increased cost of health insurance. $11,800 Est.

  • Conference Apportionment--$5,269 Est.

  • Clergy Benefits--This is determined by the Annual Conference. $3,100 Est.

  • Special Events--Enhance church-wide special events with music. $500.

Where Does the Money Go?


There are a couple of ways you can look at the budget. One is from an “accounting” perspective. The following graph shows the proportion each accounting area receives. 


You will see a dramatic difference between the “accounting” graph and the “ministry" graph.




Compensation for our lay and clergy staff are the most significant categories, followed by Facilities. But this graph does not show how these various areas impact the overall ministry of the church. This next graph takes into consideration the fact that little happens by itself. It takes people to lead and support worship, which most would consider the most important aspect of what a church does. The same goes for the important areas of Discipleship, Missions and Pastoral Care. And without facilities, we would have no place to worship or come together for discipleship opportunities. And those facilities must be maintained, kept clean and comfortable. And among the important missions of the church are our CDO, FunStop and Fine Arts Academy ministries which are important outreach programs of the church. 




What Is Your Church Asking of You? 


We thank those who have made Estimates of Giving in the past. These provide church leadership with an important planning tool.


  • If you have not provided an Estimate of Giving in the past, please prayerfully consider doing so for 2020.

  • We ask those who have been faithfully giving to consider at least a 3-5% increase to support the 2020 budget.

So, the “ASK” for 2019 is $2,294,960. Our campaign theme is Tuned: Raise Your Pitch. We are asking you to “Raise Your Pitch” to take FUMC-Denton’s “music” to the next level. As renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma said, “Nobody else can make the sound you make.” Swell the chorus, and turn up the volume. Thank you for your prayerful consideration as you join the chorus that makes the missions and ministries of FUMC-Denton possible!

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