Why Sunday School?


The heart of Methodism during the life of John Wesley was the Class Meeting. This was a small covenant discipleship support group where members were accountable to each other. They confessed their faults to one another, prayed for each other, and encouraged one another to love and good works. They examined the teachings of the Bible in light of actual personal experience and provided nurturing and equipping leaders. All Sunday School classes run from 9:40 – 10:40 am.



Bible Study 101: Room 338/East Wing

Bible study class of various ages, both singles and couples, who seek to answer the questions of: What does the Bible say? What does the passage mean? How does the Scripture relate to my life? Come help us answer these questions. Contact: Greg and LaVonne Ankeney at gregankeney@msn.com or lavonneankeney@msn.com.


Bungalow: Room 230/East Wing

Adults, couples and singles, 65+, meet for fellowship, hymn singing and Bible study led by experienced teachers. Lessons are based on the United Methodist Adult Bible Studies Series. The class also holds regular social events. Contact: June Berry at  berryjune@msn.com.


Harvest: Room 336/East Wing

We are a class for couples and single parents with school-aged children, studying the Bible as it applies to daily life through discussion and pop culture studies. Contact: Jimmy and Shelly Renfro at renfro95@verizon.net .


Living the Bible Today: Room 203

Living the Bible Today is a multi-generational discussion class using contemporary resources where the group seeks to discover how to use the Bible in our lives today, referencing the appropriate Bible verses.


Jim and Marla Garner, John and MaryAnne Knolle and John Carpenter are the facilitators and everyone will have their opportunity to lead discussions.


For details contact Jim or Marla Garner at mountainmarla@yahoo.com.


Men’s Discussion: Miller Dining Room

We study texts dealing with issues of Christian living, interpretation of Scriptures and related questions. Contact: Dieter Gaupp at degaupp@verizon.net.


Methodism 101

This class is excellent for new members, prospective members and anyone who would like to know more about the United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church, Denton.

You will learn:

  • About the  United Methodist Beliefs. Tell me about United Methodist Beliefs. What does it mean to be Wesleyan?

  • About the United Methodist Polity (Governance) on both local and connectional levels. How are Methodists governed, in both the local church and the “connection?”

  • About the possibilities for participation in First United Methodist Church, Denton. Tell me about First United Methodist Church , Denton.

  • About the opportunity to match the spiritual gifts of the participants to leadership needs in the church and the community. Finding your place in the work of the Kingdom.

Contact the church for information on future dates.


Miracles: Room 204/Education Bldg.

Intergenerational adults studying the book, A Course In Miracles, and other literature, who seek to achieve inner peace through forgiveness. Contact: Donna Meinecke at dtmpiano@gmail.com.


New Horizons: Room 206/Education Bldg.

A mixture of singles and married adults, 50s-70s, discussing a wide variety of spiritual, social, political and personal issues in a loosely structured, relaxed environment. Contact: Delaney Gregory at dmgregory@verizon.net.


Quadrilateral: Room 332/East Wing.

An intergenerational class that focuses on applying the Wesleyan Quadrilateral (scripture, tradition, experience and reason) to current events and social concerns to discover how we can be more faithful and active Christians in 21st-century society.  Contact: John Iverson at jiverson63@gmail.com.


SALT - Sharing and Learning Together the Bible: Room 330. This new group meets weekly to discuss Bible-based themes. It primarily targets empty nesters and retirees but everyone is welcome. The discussions are led by Alan and Beverly Albarran and Jerry and Joan Ulrich. For more information, contact Alan at alanalbarran@gmail.com


Searchers: Room 231/East Wing

Adults, couples and singles, 60+, who support each other with prayer, enjoy singing and follow the United Methodist Adult Bible Studies Series. Contact: Bill Neu at neurx7@yahoo.com.

The Artist's Journey: Room 336,11:00 am 

This Mosaic small group continues its artistic journey by looking at Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit as we support each other's artistic pursuits, creativity, and spiritual development.


Visions: Room 334, East Wing.

An intergenerational class that uses the United Methodist Adult Bible Studies series as we discuss the integration of Scripture and contemporary issues. Contact: Rev. Jarrell Sharp at jbsharp2@verizon.net. Weaver class has been combined with Visions.


Women’s Discussion: Room 200/Education Bldg.

Women of all ages exploring spirituality and Christian development. Contact: Marilyn Simms at mwsimms@aol.com.




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